Table of contents (Vol 4, No 5)

Initiation and Adequacy of Complementary Feeding
In this study from India initiation of complementary feeding at the recommended time of six months was observed in the majority of children. However the quantity of complementary feeding was insufficient. Advice about breastfeeding and complementary feeding during antenatal checkups and postnatal visits might improve feeding practices

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By Suchetha Sudhesh Rao, Suchetha Sudhesh Rao, Swathi PM, Unnikrishnan B, Asha Hegde

Prognostic Markers in HIV
Opportunistic infections are an important cause of morbidity and mortality in persons infected with HIV. In recent years, antiretroviral treatment (ART) and prophylaxis against various other opportunistic infections have contributed to a decrease in AIDS-related mortality. This team conducted a study of HIV infected inpatients at one centre to study the various factors contributing to mortality in HIV/AIDS patients and to study the role of antiretroviral drugs in increasing longevity.

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By Rajeev A, Akshay Sharma

Microbiological Diagnosis of Endophthalmitis
These data suggest that in all cases of suspected endophthalmitis, the vitreous should be sampled either by vitreous aspiration or diagnostic vitrectomy as it is possible that bacteria are more protected in the vitreous humour than aqueous. Vitrectomy fluid appears to be the best sample for culture from clinically diagnosed endophthalmitis cases.

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By Asima Banu


Pharmacists and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Management

There is ample evidence in the international literature for pharmacist involvement in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease (CVD) conditions in primary care. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses have confirmed the significant clinical benefits of pharmacist interventions for a range of CVD conditions and risk factors. Evidence generated in research studies of Australian community pharmacist involvement in CVD prevention and management is summarised in this article.

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By Johnson George, Kevin P Mc Namara, Kay Stewart

REVIEW (Multimedia Presentation)

Patients' Preferences for Breast Cancer Follow up

Anyone treated for breast cancer in Australia is able to make an appointment with their General Practitioner. However it has not been established what problems are presented to the GP. Here a team of researchers present their recently published findings.

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By Moyez Jiwa

Nurse Led Follow up After Breast Cancer

Kay O'Driscoll reviews the role of Breast Care Nurses during the surveillance period following treatment for Breast cancer.

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By Kay O'Driscoll

Living with Breast Cancer

Alison Taylor was treated for Breast cancer a number of years ago. Here she recounts her experience of living with the diagnosis and treatment.

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By Allison Taylor


Recurrent Pseudomonal Pneumonia
Community-acquired pneumonia due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa typically occurs in patients with pre-existing lung disease and immunocompromised individuals. This report details the case of a previously healthy young adult who presented with recurrent episodes of pneumonia due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa complicated by pleural effusion. Careful and extensive evaluation ultimately revealed an unusual reason for the patient’s illness

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By Kavitha Saravu, Kushal Naha, Chiranjoy Mukhopadhyay, R Balasubramanian


Letter to the Editor

Disaster preparedness of hospitals in a coastal city of South India; Hypertension among children and adolescents in Iran; From correct English to appropriate English. 


By Sanjeev B Badiger, Rashmi R, Animesh Jain, Rekha T., Prasanna Mithra, Ganesh Kumar S., Unnikrishnan Bhaskaran, Jayaram Subramanya, Ali Malekshahi Moghadam, Hamid Reza Emami, Mahmoud Djalali, Ahmad Saedisomeolia, Eamonn McDonagh


Understanding Troubled Minds

Moyez Jiwa reviews 'Understanding Troubled Minds' by Sidney Bloch.

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By Moyez Jiwa