Two relatives female patients with primary malignant phyllodes sarcoma and primary stromal sarcoma of breast

Strahil Strashilov, Angel Danchev Yordanov, Stanislav Slavchev, Vasil Nanev, Daniela Ivanova, Momchil Ivanov, Ivan Ivanov


The primary sarcoma of breast is a rare malignant tumor, which develops from the mesenchymal tissue of mammary gland. It represents less than 1% of all malignant diseases of breast. The incidence is about 17 new cases per 1 000 000 women. The etiology of that disease is unknown. The main method of treatment is the surgical excision with includes ";;;;safety-margin";;;; of healthy-looking tissues. We present a 57-year-old woman with probably familial, primary, malignat phyllodes sarcoma.
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