Capsaicin 8% patch in trigeminal neuralgia: Case reports

Maria Luz Cánovas Martinez, Nuria Adan, Andrea Carballude, Laura Lamelas, Eva Villar, Pilar Seoane


Capsaicin 8% patch has a verified analgesic effect in post herpetic neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, surgical neuropathy and other cases of peripheral neuropathic pain.

We report two cases of trigeminal neuralgia, idiopathic and post-herpetic, with cold and pinprick hyperalgesia and with poor response to antiepileptic drugs and sympathetic blockade of the stellate ganglion, treated with capsaicin 8% patch for 60 minutes covering the area of pain.

In both cases observed: Repeated treatments have had similar efficacy, significant reduction in the pain area and reduction of the concomitant medication.

Cold and pinprick hyperalgesia may be correlated with effective response to capsaicin 8% patch as in other studies.
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