Importance of university teacher behaviour in the faculty of health science

Soledad García-Gómez-Heras, Pedro Gil Madrona, Valentine Hernandez-Barrera, Ana Lopez-de-Andres, Pilar Carrasco-Garrido


We describe the results from the questionnaire of Tuncel concerning the behaviour of university teachers, since university students believe they have influenced their academic achievement.

The objective of this study was to reveal which behaviours of university teachers were most appreciated by the students in the first year of the studies taught at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (Degrees in Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Psychology and Occupational Therapy).

540 first-year students from the Health Sciences degree participated. An exploratory factor analysis of the items was performed and the internal consistency was studied using Cronbach’s alpha.

Students placed the most importance on the following areas: “Emotional aptitude of the university teacher”, “University teacher-student interaction”, “Achievement of teaching objectives”, “Connection between the teaching of theory and practical components”, “Organization and planning of teaching” and “Correct students and providing them with information on their progress and evolution”. It should be noted that affective factors and the relationship and close interaction with students were the areas most demanded and valued by the students.

Making the teaching process more effective is an important goal of educational research. But few researchers take into account the point of view of the students and are primarily involved in determining the behaviour of university teachers. Therefore our aim in this study was to find out their opinions. We wanted to know which attitudes are the most valued by students of the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain) studying for degrees in the health sciences program. Once identified, we will be able to use this information to identify teaching strategies that could improve the minimum academic requirements of the university.
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