Dental patients’ knowledge, awareness, and attitude regarding infection control procedures

Nora Ahmed ALAgil, Azizah Bin Mubayrik


Assessing patients’ opinion about policies against cross infection in the dental office is of significance. Since it has been shown to enhance compliance and motivation among patients and healthcare workers.

This study was designed to investigate patients’ awareness, attitude and knowledge of infection control practice and the effect of demographic data on these measures.

A cross-sectional survey of 302 patients attending outpatient dental clinics to determine knowledge, attitudes, and awareness regarding infection control procedures. Questionnaire was designed and distributed in local Language.

Our study revealed reasonable knowledge and awareness of PPE use and its rationale. Visual assurance was central aspect of patient perception of infection control. Knowledge was affected by several sociodemographic characteristics.

Even though the sample reflected a reasonable level of awareness and knowledge about infection control in dental clinics, and the possible paths of disease transmission, more knowledge is to be disseminated especially concerning Transmissible diseases.
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