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When Only a Doctor Will Do
Given a choice people are selective in choosing when to consult a doctor, often a practitioner in some other discipline is chosen to address problems. In this context there is a need for innovations to redirect people who have chosen to seek advise about symptoms that should be dealt with by a qualified medical practitioner.

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By Moyez Jiwa


Antiobiotic Resistance in Catheterised Patients

Microbial biofilms pose a public health problem for persons requiring indwelling medical devices, as micro-organisms in biofilms are difficult to treat with antimicrobial agents. This study is focused on biofilm formation and antibiotic resistance pattern of uropathogens in hospitalised patients with catheter associated urinary tract infections.

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By Subramanian Pramodhini, Shanmugam Niveditha, Sivaraman Umadevi, Shailesh Kumar, Selvaraj Stephen

Bull Riding Injuries In Central Queensland

A six-year retrospective study of patients admitted to a hospital in Queensland, Australia with acute injuries sustained whilst bull riding. Patients were identified from the Hospital coding system and surgical audit excel databases. Supporting information was found from patient chart review.

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By Ryan James Livingston, Neil Scholes, Lidia Koval, Leah Livingston


Optic Neuropathy Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Postoperative vision loss (POVL) after major non-ocular surgery is a very rare but devastating complication since it has the potential to cause bilateral, severe and permanent loss of vision. The common major procedures resulting in POVL are cardiac and spinal procedures. This paper reports two patients who presented with features of bilateral anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy after coronary artery bypass grafting.

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By Ashok Kumar, Krishnagopal Srikanth


Pleural Effusion- An Unusual Cause

This article describes two children with hepatitis A who had associated issues of pleural effusion and ascites. Both issues improved with resolution of hepatitis after symptomatic treatment. Although uncommon, extra hepatic manifestations can occur with hepatitis A. However, they resolve completely. Paediatricians in developing countries should be aware of this rare association to avoid unnecessary investigations.

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By Ponnurangam Nagarajan Vinoth, Palaniyandi Anitha, Sathyamoorthi Muthamilselvan, Rajendraprasath Sasidharan, Sankaranarayan Shuba, Padur Sivaraman Rajakumar, Julius Xavier Scott

A Rare Case of Infection with Brucella Suis

In addition to highlighting the pathogenic potential of an unusual organism, this case demonstrates the unreliability of standard serological tests based on the Brucella melitensis antigen for infection with other species of Brucella

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By Kushal Naha, Sowjanya Dasari, Vinay Pandit, Shubha Seshadri

Chondroid Lipoma of the Right Thigh

This paper describes a case of chondroid lipoma with adipose tissue and ossified components on plain radiography and MRI images. Correlation of imaging findings and pathological examination is provided to confirm the diagnosis.

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By Rosy Setiawati, Franky Dimpudus, Zhonghua Sun

Sub Acute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis
This case study features a seven-year-old boy who manifested encephalitis despite vaccination and with no documented past history of measles. The case is being reported for its atypical presentation, rarity and its possibility of occurrence in young vaccinated subjects, possibly due to undocumented pre-vaccination measles infection.

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By Akshay Sharma, Prem Dass Sharma, Anand Kumar Bhardwaj, Bhawna Malik


Is Research Important in Medical Curriculum?

The medical students in this study seem keen to not only undertake research projects, but also to present them at conferences.  Further studies are required to assess if a structured program integrated in their course could further help in strengthening this inclination towards research.

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By Animesh Jain


Book Review
All you need to know about clinical research: A quick reference guide on clinical research;The big book of clinical research: A workbook containing puzzles based on clinical research topics.

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By Alexandra McManus