Cattle related trauma: Are we underestimating its severity?

James A Wheeler


Cattle related trauma is a serious subset of trauma that is common in rural hospitals around the world.

The purpose of this review was to investigate the current literature, and to highlight the severity of cattle related trauma.

A systematic review of the literature was completed through Medline and EMBASE databases from January 1990 to December 2018. The author screened the data sources, full text, English written articles, peer reviewed journal articles and case reports were included. The search netted 14 articles that are reviewed in this paper.

Injuries sustained from cattle are wide ranging in type and severity. The most common are those affecting the upper and lower extremities, which are associated with higher patient morbidity. Injuries to the head, chest and abdomen are less common, and are associated with higher levels of mortality.

Cattle related trauma is common within the agricultural industry, yet it is under reported and preventative safety measures need to be improved.
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