Vaginal myoma – A rare type of vaginal tumor

Angel Yordanov, Stanislav Slavchev, Vasil Nanev, Denislava Ivanova, Momchil Ivanov, Strahil Strashilov


Vaginal myoma is an extremely rare benign tumour. Its clinical picture is multiform, core being the presence of pain symptom. This diagnosis is not that easy and malignant tumour should always be considered.

We present three clinical cases, where the formations differ in their dimensions, localizations and clinical pictures. We used one and the same method in their surgery and there was no recurrence during the follow up period.

We cannot rely on clinical symptoms or gynaecological examination to diagnose vaginal leiomyoma. The ultrasonography is only of orientational character. Therefore, each formation originating vaginally should be treated as malignant – it should be removed intact, without disrupting its entirety.
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