Renal tubular acidosis in pediatrics: A review article

Leena Moshref, Rana H Moshref, Osama Y Safdar


Renal tubular acidosis was first defined by the incapacity to lower urinary pH below 5.5, normal GFR associated with hyperchloremia and a normal plasma anion gap, and later the definition added tubular impairment in the bicarbonate reabsorption.

To provide an overview of types, diagnosis and management of renal tubular acidosis. The study focuses on syndromes found in Saudi Arabia.

This study is a review article about renal tubular acidosis. It is composed of an extensive research in pubmed, uptodate, BMJ, Cochrane.

There are different hypothesis and genetic play a role in renal tubular acidosis. Treatment varies from each type, but with proper treatment promotes normal growth development.

This study is an overview of renal tubular acidosis. It provides a comprehensive summary to interns, residents and consultants in the medical field.
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