Barriers to support nurses as second victim of medical errors: A qualitative study

Zahra Mokhtari, Mohammad Ali Hosseini, Hamid Reza Khankeh, Masoud Fallahi-Khoshknab, Alireza Nikbakht Nasrabadi


Given the inevitability of medical errors and their impact on health workers, providing support to those who suffer is vital for their physical and mental recovery. Identifying the barriers to obtaining support is imperative in this regard.

The current study was conducted to identify the barriers regarding supporting nurses as second victims of nursing errors in clinical settings in Iran.

This qualitative study was conducted with a sample, which was included 18 nurses. The subjects were selected through the purposive sampling method, and data were collected using in-depth and semi-structured interviews. The data were analysed using methods as described by Graneheim and Lundman (citation needed). The research context included the general and specialized departments of hospitals in Tehran, Iran, during 2017.

According to the results, mismanagement, Cultural barriers, inadequate information, and Legal barriers were the main barriers to supporting nurses.

Training nurses about the second victim phenomenon is recommended as well as the methods to manage the effects of this phenomenon, the supportive resources, and legal issues.
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