Muscle fatigue secondary to hyperlactatemia and B2 agonists use in severe asthma crisis

Jorge Aponte, Forero Yency, Diaz Martha, Estupiñán Maria, Martin Daniel, Zapata Martin, Ospina Maria T, Sanchez Alexander, Cano Natalia, Chaparro Yesid


The definition and approach of hyperlactatemia classically has been related to tissue hypoperfusion, hepatic insufficiency, and anaerobic metabolism. Nonetheless, there are few aetiologies known which could produce it. Muscle fatigue in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma, as well as the use of inhaled B2 agonist, is associated with hepatic noradrenaline release, activation of glycolysis (converting glucose to pyruvate or lactate), and consequently, an increase in lactate.
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