Hemophagocytic syndrome due to infection by H1N1 influenza virus

Hincapié Gustavo, Bastidas Alirio, Forero Yency, Martin Daniel, Jorge Aponte


A 31-year-old man presenting a dyspnoea, persistent fever, haemoptysis, a Leishmaniasis cutaneous record and recent close contact with a person diagnosed with influenza virus (H1N1). During admission to the emergency department, the patient rapidly progressed to respiratory failure requiring invasive mechanical ventilation and antibiotics because of suspected bacterial pneumonia. During his stay at the intensive care unit, he progressively developed bycytopenia, splenomegaly and reticulonodular lung opacities. Moreover, the bone marrow biopsy evidenced hemophagocytosis of lymphocytes and detection of H1N1 by Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT – PCR). Hence, the case of hemophagocytic syndrome secondary to influenza virus H1N1, which was rapidly resolved after initiation of antiviral therapy, is presented hereof.
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