Pulmonary hydatidosis patterns and clinical outcomes

Shadi Hamouri, Abdel Rahman Al manasra, Hamzah Daradkeh, Hanan Hammouri, Nabil Al-zoubi, Nathan Michael Novotny


Pulmonary hydatidosis remains a significant health problem in endemic areas. The clinical patterns and presentation vary according to the size, number, location and integrity of the cyst.

The aim of this study is to retrospectively evaluate the pattern and outcomes of patients diagnosed with pulmonary hydatidosis treated surgically in a tertiary hospital in northern Jordan.

A retrospective review of patients with pulmonary hydatidosis between December 2009 and December 2017 were performed. Data regarding demographic features, clinical presentation, serology testing, clinical outcomes and duration of medical treatment after surgery were obtained. Chest X-Ray and computerized tomography as well as liver ultrasound were the main methods of diagnosis. Parenchyma preserving excisions of the laminated membrane with capitonnage of the remaining cavity were performed in all patients. Albendazole was prescribed for 3–6 months postoperatively.

Eighty-eight patients were involved. Mean age was 29.5±16.7 years (range 8–75). Females comprised 52 per cent of the patients. The main presenting symptoms were cough, dyspnea and chest pain. Thirty-two (37 per cent) patients had rupture of the cyst at the time of the presentation; 15 patients had direct rupture, 10 had communicating rupture and contained rupture was diagnosed in seven patients. Multiple and/or bilateral lesions were encountered in 25/88 (28.5 per cent) and 15 (17 per cent) patients respectively. Lower lobes were involved in 73.8 per cent of the cases. The mean hospital stay was 6.53±2.83 days. Post-operative morbidities were developed in 12/88 (13 per cent) patients with air leak (5 per cent) as the most common morbidity. No recurrences or mortalities were reported in the follow up period.

Parenchyma preserving cyst excision with capitonnage provides a low postoperative morbidity in patients with both intact and complicated pulmonary hydatidosis. To decrease the risk of recurrence albendazole treatment is indicated postoperatively especially for recurrent, complicated and multiple hydatid cysts.
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