Definitive treatment of a basal cell carcinoma on the upper lip through the oral administration of Vismodegib

Strahil Strashilov, Veselin Kirov, Angel Yordanov, Vasil Nanev, Ilko Iliev, Emil Petkov


Basal cell carcinoma is the most common malignant neoplasm of the skin of the face in old, caucasian humans. The tumour growth slow and rarely has metastases. The clinical presentation is different. The main method for treating is radical surgical excision, but if the tumour is very big or there are metastases, there is a very effective target therapy with the peroral capsules Vismodegib 150mg. In this case we introduce a patient whit cancer of upper lip of preoperative target therapy whit Vismodegib 150mg, which destroy the tumour cells and help us to make cosmetic surgical excision.
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