Comparison of the effectiveness of femoral fixation techniques (Aperfix and Endobutton) in anterior cruciate ligament surgery

Seyyed Raza Sharifzadeh, Mostafa Shahrezaee, Mohammad Ali Okhovatpour, Sajad Asadi Boroujeni, Mohammad Banasiri


Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a Strengthener ligament of the knee. About 50 persons per 100,000 annually counter ACL rupture. Based on studies, the majority of people who have high mobility jobs, and had reconstruction surgery after ACL rupture, have returned to pre-injury level of activity.

We compared two methods of surgery (aperfix and endobutton) in this article. We want to answer these two main questions in this study:1 is the effectiveness of surgical methods (aperfix and endobutton) in patients with anterior cruciate ligament rupture, the same?.2 Are the aspects of the knee function, in two surgical methods (aperfix and endobutton) after ACL reconstruction surgery, the same?

This study is a prospective clinical trial on patients who had complete ACL rupture in an isolated trauma, who were nominated for ACL reconstruction surgery. We excluded the cases that had underlying disease or other damages from the study. 100 patients were randomly divided into two groups of 50 individuals. Then each group underwent surgery. The femoral fixations were by the two common methods of ";;;;;;;;;;;Aperfix";;;;;;;;;;; or ";;;;;;;;;;;Endobutton";;;;;;;;;;;. We followed up, the cases one year after surgery and evaluated them by lysholm score as well as with IKDC score.

The mean lysholm score and IKDC score do not have statistically significant difference in the two groups. (Mean lysholm score in Aperfix group=95.66 vs. 94.56 in Endobutton group (p=0.057) and IKDC score=92.32 in Aperfix group vs 92.20 in Endobutton group (p=0.28)). However, in some aspects of knee function, such as locking, Swelling, and climbing stairs, patients who had undergone Aperfix approach, had better results.

Surgical methods have little difference however due to better results in some aspects of knee functions in this study and due to other studies, it can be said Aperfix method slightly has more benefits. Further investigations with larger number of cases and longer duration of follow-up are recommended.
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