A new view of genetic mutations

Jean-Fran├žois Picimbon


I discussed RNA editing mechanisms leading to the diversity of protein; new mechanisms escape from common general knowledge in biology that one gene encoding for one single protein. I also gave two known examples of RNA editing mechanisms that generate a high level of protein diversity: chemosensory proteins (CSPs) and odour binding protein (OBP) families. It is worthy to note that these RNA variants are not disease-causing mutations but rather an evolutionary mechanism in microorganisms and insects. Furthermore, these genetic variants presenting at the RNA level are not lethal and tissue-specific. One example, the sex pheromone (bombykol) gland of the silkworm moth Bombyx mori, is the preferential site of RNA mutations. Moreover, I have perhaps demonstrated that RNA splicing, editing and/or protein recombination are the crucial mechanisms for the totipotent cells to differentiate into a specific cell type in a given tissue. I give a global view of the basic phenomenon of eukaryotic cells and present a new perspective for the treatment of genetic diseases.
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