A case of home care on an 103-year-old patient with Alzheimer's disease complicated with stage Ⅲ pressure ulcer

Zheng Wang, Min Li, Jiao-jiao Bai, Xiao-yan Lu, Bei-rong Wang


This paper reported a case of home care for a 103-year-old AD patient with stage III pressure ulcers. After ten weeks of professional home care, including the guidance for caregivers, such as posture putting, wound decompression, nutritional support, clinical nurse specialist come to home to give wound assessment and care, the ulcer was eventually healed. It is suggested that for the senior AD patients, intelligent auxiliary equipment can be introduced into the family in the future, it can help reduce the pressure of the affected side, reduce the burden on caregivers, meanwhile, wound specialist nurses came to the caregiver to give systemic instructions, prevent the occurrence and development of pressure ulcers.
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