Comparison of dietetics service delivery (demand and determinants) within two Australian Medical Assessment and Planning Units

Angela Vivanti, Eryn M Murray, Rebecca S Moore, Leena Aggarwal, Elizabeth S Whiting


Assessment and Planning Units have increased globally however, models of care literature is limited. With high malnutrition prevalence amongst ageing populations, this case report identifies demands for dietetic services.
Descriptive data compared and contrasted two service including medical models, eligibility criteria, malnutrition screening, dietetic services, clinical follow-up, and team composition.

High malnutrition prevalence (17 per cent, 31 per cent) was evident with different screening approaches successfully implemented. Both units favoured rapid assessment and intervention.

Dietetic expertise was required for malnutrition assessment, and ongoing management in acute or community setting as determined by differing health-care system arrangements.
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