A pet-type robot AIBO-assisted therapy as a day care program for chronic schizophrenia patients

Shin Narita, Nobuyo Ohtani, Chikako Waga, Mitsuaki Ohta, Jun Ishigooka, Kazuhiko Iwahashi


AAT (Animal-assisted therapy) was developed to promote human social and emotional functioning as a day care program for psychiatric patients.

In this study, we performed AAT using a pet-type robot, AIBO for schizophrenic patients.


After obtaining informed consent, we performed the AIBO-assisted therapy for three schizophrenic (ICD-10, F20.x2) patients (male: 1, female: 2) whose medication did not change over the 8 weeks study period in a ward.

It was found that the AAT using AIBO may be useful for the patients with negative and general psychopathological symptoms such as “Anxiety” and “Uncooperativeness”.

We make use of this result, and we want to develop the AAT program using a pet-type robot, AIBO which may be suitable for Japanese psychiatric patients.
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