A Dangerous Twist of the 'T' Wave: A Case of Wellens' Syndrome

Kavitha Balasubramanian, Balasubramanian Ramachandran, Anandaraja Subramanian


Wellens’ syndrome is a condition in which electrocardiographic (ECG) changes indicate critical proximal left anterior descending artery narrowing occurring during the chest pain-free period. Due to the severity of the obstruction, if such cases are managed by early invasive revascularisation therapy, a major threat in the form of a massive myocardial infarction or sudden death may be averted. We present the case of a patient with previous chest pain, whose ECG showing subtle ischemic changes was initially overlooked. A repeat ECG taken during the painless period showed a biphasic T wave, suggestive of Wellen’s’ syndrome. This was confirmed by an immediate coronary angiogram.
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